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Our History

Life of Late Renganaden Seeneevassen:
1910: Renganaden Seeneevassen was born at Port-Louis on the 11th April in a house situated at Bourbon Street and Léoville Street.
1915: He attended the Church of England Aided School at Arsenal Street, Central Boys Government School at La Paix Street and Sunnee Surtee Aided School at Rémy Ollier Street.
1921: He was admitted at Royal College of Curepipe for his secondary studies.
1929: He sat for the Higher School Certificate Examinations and succeeded with flying colors. He was ranked 4th at national level.
1935: Renganaden Seeneevassen read Law at the prestigious London School of Economics. He was the most determined and enthusiastic student of PR Laski – a remarkable intellectual. PR Laski gave Renganaden Seeneevassen the opportunity of meeting various politicians of that time.
1940: On 17th April he was called to the Bar by the Middle Temple and was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Law. In December, he returned to Mauritius. He started practicing at the local Bar and shortly after, he became a renowned advocate. He was elected counselor at the Port Louis Municipality and remain so till his death.
1944: The Governor, Sir Donald Mackenzie Kennedy nominated him at the Legislative Council. He helped in writing the Mauritian Constitution which was proclaimed in 1948.
1948: He stood as candidate for the legislative elections and was elected 3rd Deputy of Port-Louis after Guy Rosemont and Dr. Edgar Millien.
1953: The electoral bureau of Port-Louis renewed his warrant, but this time he surpassed Dr. Millien. During this particular year he was selected by Guy Sauzier to represent Mauritius for the crowning of Queen Elisabeth 2.
1955: He participated in constitutional discussions in London as principal leader of the Labour Party.
1957: In July, during the first ministerial Cabinet, Renganaden Seeneevassen received the portfolio of education. Earlier, he used to work as Liaison officer in the Health Department.
1958: He went to Birmanie to negotiate rice prices for the country.
1958: In June Mauritius lost one of his eminent sons on the day of Fête de Dieu. Renganaden Seeneevassen died at Labourdonnais Street and was incinerated at Vallée des Prêtres.
Celebration of the
100th Birth anniversary of Renganaden Seeneevassen
2010: The 100th birth anniversary of Renganaden Seeneevassen along with the 25th anniversary of Renganaden Seeneevassen SSS was celebrated – on the 1st week of the 2nd term – at the seat of the school. During this particular week, various activities and forum were organized by the students of the school.
20th April 2010 – A forum discussion was organized for the student of Form 5 and 6, where Mr. Raouf Bundhun, the ex-Vice-President of the Republic of Mauritius chaired the discussion. Mr. Ivan Martial and the children of late Renganaden Seeneevassen were also part of the forum discussion. The honorable guests talked about the multiple facets of the great man and the teachings that the students can derive from the experiences of such a great man.
22nd April 2010 – The formal celebration was celebrated in the presence of the Seeneevassen family and Mr. Guy Narainsamy, a close friend of Renganaden Seeneevassen. Students showcased their talents through a dance item accompanied by their teacher, Mrs. Chetty. Honorable Dr. Ahmed Rashid Beebeejaun, the Deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius graced the occasion and talked about his admiration for the great man. And the ceremony ended with a song item by the music teachers and their chorus. After the ceremony the guests were requested to visit a painted exposition whereby students express their artistic talents. “Such were our sweet memories of the celebration!!!”