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RSSSS Renganaden Seeneevassen State Secondary School
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Our Infrastructure

Our school is a cozy little school with some 700 students living like a family, with some 60 staff members akin to their parents.
We reep quite good results yearly and we pride ourselves to being one of the 'star schools' in Port Louis... Our ex-students will surely agree...
But we are living within a very poor infrastructure as the photos below illustrate.
1. The school counts only 19 classrooms  - space is very limited.
2. Cracks in the walls have been noted in several classrooms.
3. Dangerous inclining wall between Labourdonnais Govt School and Renganaden Seeneevassen SSS.

4. Leakage in several toilets
. Classrooms badly need to be repainted

6. Upgrading work need to be done in Home Economics Lab and Arts Room
Measures being undertaken:
Ministry is currently undertaking a rehabilitative work to counter these falling walls.
Also, a geomorphological study is being carried out in provision for some extension work.
Let's hope to have a new R4S school building soon!