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RSSSS Renganaden Seeneevassen State Secondary School

Past Events


Our Lunches - Our Culture

Start Time:Jul 16, 2014|End Time:Nov 30, 2014
Location:R4s|Category: Public

Lunches prove to be a very solid bonding strategy for all staffs and students!   To mark the coming end-of-second-term, we, Educators and admins, have had our staff lunch on the 10th July 2014. We have had Chinese menu - made by our staff cooks...


Music and Prize Giving day 2014

Start Time:Jun 30, 2014|End Time:Jul 30, 2015

Mrs Li Ying humbly accepted to be our guest of honour for the ceremony. It was on 20th June 2014. We have had a nice and homely ceremony; since Mrs LiYing has shared the R4S kingdom for roughly 10 years of her years of service; she was dedicated bot...


Hill Climbing

Start Time:May 02, 2014|End Time:Jun 30, 2015
Location:R4s|Category: Public

This activity has replaced our annual cross-country for the past 2 years. For this occasion, all members of the school have been on their toes to run/climb/walk up and down the Signal Mountain. First aiders and policemen were also there to help. Our...


Food and fun day

Start Time:Apr 10, 2014|End Time:Apr 30, 2015
Location:R4s|Category: Public

Food and fun day was organized with success on Thursday 03/04/14. Whether it be teachers, admin or students, we were all mobilized to help in the smooth running of the activity. Everyone contributed in kinds. Activities like application of mehend...


Control of Lateness

Start Time:Sep 30, 2013|End Time:Oct 30, 2014
Location:Mauritius|Category: Public

  ​ THE LATENESS STAMP   Our Ag. Rector, Mrs S Varma, and our School SuperIntendant, Mr Tossé, have come up with a very efficient strategy of controlling lateness, the LATENESS STAMP.       Daily, all students who are late have to present th...


Departure of our Deputy Rector

Start Time:Sep 24, 2013|End Time:Oct 31, 2013
Location:1|Category: Public

​​ ​Our DR, Mrs Jhummun, has shared two years of her career as DR in our kingdom. She has been very much appreciated by her subordinates and superior and we wish her a bright career ahead. For now, one thing is for sure, she will give a hell of...