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RSSSS Renganaden Seeneevassen State Secondary School
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Our Committees

There are a number of committees which have been set up to operate at school level. They are made up of members of the staff and deal with different issues related to the school. Some of our school committees are as follows:

Student Care and Counseling desk
Presided by: Mrs Constantin
Teacher members: Mrs Beeharry Panray
                              Mrs Heera
                              Mrs Verny

The student care and counselling desk consists of four members. The counseling desk meets every Wednesday during the 6th period. We have since the beginning of the year dealt with many cases of psychological nature. Some cases were solved at school level while others have been referred to a psychologist. 

Any student having any social, family or school problems should feel free to discuss with any of the teachers mentioned above or with any other teachers of the school. 
Disciplinary Committee
Presided by: Mrs Finette-Constantin
Teacher members: Miss Sababady, Miss Allyboccus, Mr Gaspard, Mrs Heera
Description:This Committee ensures the correct sanctions are taken towards those undisciplined pupils. Usually their names are red-listed and any discrepancies from their part are dealt with appropriately.
Staff Welfare Committee
Presided by: Mr Gaspard
Teacher members: Members of the staff
Description: One of the characteristics of Renganaden Seeneevassen SSS enthusiastic family is to celebrate every little event through gatherings and lunches because we believe in togetherness. Being here for the welfare of the staff and bringing moral support wherever needed is also our prerogative.

Website Committee
Presided by: Mrs Varma (Ag. Rector)
Teacher members: Mrs Kurmally, Mrs Lan, Mr Maha, Miss Seedeer, Mrs Burthun, Mrs Mohabir, Miss Sababady
Description:The Committee has for main aim the smooth running of the website, ensuring that the contents are continuously monitored and kept up-to-date.
School Development Plan Committee
Presided by: Mrs Varma (Ag. Rector)
Teacher members: Mr Lalloo, Mrs Rama (leader), Mrs Kurmally, Mr Dindoyal, Mr Gaspard
Description: This committee has just been set up and is expected to look into the good-running of the different infrastructural work undertaken within the school.
Exams Committee
Presided by: Mrs Finette-Constantin 
Executive Members: Mr Chadee, Mr Lalloo, Gurusami, Miss Allybocus, Mr Koo, Miss Sababady, Mrs Takah-Dookee
Description: Le MES local!!! This committee caters for all exam cheating cases and the general smooth running of exams - including index no and the fair invigilation scheme (Lalloo's master piece!!!)