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RSSSS Renganaden Seeneevassen State Secondary School

Quality of teaching and Learning
Overall  results show good quality  of teaching  and learning.  However students are encouraged to do better and teachers  are also motivated to go extra mile and teach with passion in order to enhance the quality of the results.  New strategies have been put in place in order to make teaching and learning more interesting.  Educators are being encouraged to use innovative teaching strategies namely:
1. Expository learning
2. Discovery learning
3. Guide learning
4. Use of ICT
Emphasis is being laid on importance of training students to think so that they become independent thinkers and also develop problem solving skills to better equip them for future.
Students’ behavior and discipline at school
 Good behavior has been noted in general
 Constent emphasis is being laid on rules and regulations
 In morning assemblies students are being reminded time and again that discipline is the basis of all achievement
 A discipline committee has been set up
 Educators are also reminded that discipline is their concern as well and it is noted with satisfaction that educators help to reinforce discipline in and outside the classrooms
School Ethos and climate
Positive ethos and climate of respect and trust which is based on shared values prevail within school community.  Staff members contribute to this climate through:
1.  Supportive relationship where student listen to
2. Modelling behavior which promotes well being within the school community
3. Being sensitive and responsive to the needs of the students and promote effective teaching and learning
This school ethos and climate must be reinforced and become the concern of one and all to make the school a conducive place for teaching and learning to take place effectively and efficiently

Activity Periods:
Students participate in various co and extra curricular activities under the supervision of educators.  They have also won various competitions.