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Message of our Head Girl

My name is Anaëlle Labonne, and I am the head girl of Renganaden Seeneevassen SSS. I have studied here for 7 years.
Renganaden Seeneevassen taught me discipline, respect, and nurtured in me a passion for learning that now has no bounds.
I remember, the first time I came here in 2007, I was in complete awe when facing this big school where there were laboratories, a music room, a computer room, a huge hall with a stage, two canteens and two volleyball grounds. I was even happier when I saw how friendly the girls and teachers were. Here, the teachers, the administration officers, the caretakers, and even the canteen employees are available if we need any help. I have always admired how, some of my teachers, always tried their maximum to make me understand something I struggled to grasp. Thanks to them, my class got 100% pass in form 5 in 2011. I strongly believe in the potential of the R4S girls, and I know that we are bound to be successful in life because of our experience at Renganaden Seeneevassen SSS.
My experience as a head girl has taught me how to be responsible and care about my school mates and aim for the whole school’s benefit. In addition, my prior years as a prefect and class captain have helped me to shoulder the responsibility of my current status as Head Girl. In this position, I shoulder a lot of responsibilities towards my schoolmates. I have been able to mingle with the teaching staff and participated in the decision making concerning the welfare of the school. As a head girl, I have to be the best model possible for all the students. I encourage everyone to respect the rules and regulations because they have been written for a reason. Being a head girl is, before all, being the head, being able to care for my school which has become my second family. Indeed, my experience as a head girl is a very enriching one.
I discovered another side of the school that I never saw before. I saw the organization and hard work that every teacher and non-teaching staff did for the smooth-running of the school. I, myself, had to contribute in this smooth-running.
Here is a small quote that has been going on my mind these past weeks and that I want to share with you:
“Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.”