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Our School Clubs

Clubs at the school are important for the holistic development of our young girls. This is an opportunity for them to be involved in cultural and social experiences while at the same time learning new skills. The school runs clubs for students during the activity period on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.The following are few of the clubs that are available at school:

Zumba Club

Presided by: Mr Gaspard
Many student members


Zumba club has been set up this year in February 2013, pioneered by the 'infatiguable' gentleman Mr Gaspard. The main aim of the club is to have fun through physical exercises and music. It has proven to be very successful when we look at the large number of students’ members and the enthusiasm that they demonstrate. So, let’s continue and play on the music!



Computer Club
Teacher Responsible: Mrs Lan Chun Wah
Teacher member: Mrs Burthun
Student members: Computer Students of Form IV and Lower 6
  • Sharing/ Discussion/ Familiarisation of any Technological developments
  • Helping in the creation of a website
  • Discussion on Internet safety and any news events.
Venue: Computer Laboratory
Tuesdays during the activity period.

Environment Club / MID Club
Teacher Responsible: Mrs Burthun
Teacher members: Mrs Naeck / Mr Curum
Student members: Students of Form IV and Lower 6
The MID club has for mission to sensitise students about various environmental issues such as climate change and global warming with a view to make they act responsibly and reduce their environmental imprint.
Activities carried out by the club during the year 2013:
  1. Clean-up and Beautification of the school green areas - On several occasions club members as well as students of lower classes were involved in cleaning up the green areas, overgrown bushes and pulling of weeds. Trees were also planted for the National Day and the Environment day as well as during an activity class.
  2. The club members have also been sensitizing the younger ones about energy consumption - Students were explained about how to minimize their energy consumption when using common household items, such a radio, TV, phone charger, PC, light bulbs, fans etc.
  3. Recycling- with the waste segregation project students have learned to separate general waste from those that can be recycled namely plastic and paper.
Meeting Point: Room C 0.3
Thursdays during the activity period.




Musings Club - R4S Express
Presided by: Miss Allyboccus
Musings is the Renganaden Seeneevassen SSS’s Newsletter Club!

Here, we share all our exploits, latest news, tips, clubs' happenings, surprise interviews, activities and much more. In it is a resumé of whatever is happening in our beloved college, isn’t it? We hope that all our readers enjoy our news bites as much as we enjoy working on them.
Yours musingly,
The Crew