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RSSSS Renganaden Seeneevassen State Secondary School
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School Rules and Regulations

All pupils come under the school discipline once they enter the school premises until they leave school. However it is important for pupils to remember that they should maintain a high sense of discipline in public. Any offence in violation of the school rules throws discredit on the good name of the school.



• 8.00 a.m to 2.30 p.m



 Form period: 8.00 a.m-8.05 a.m.

 All pupils should be seated in their respective classrooms by 7.55 a.m.

 Attendance will be taken by the form/Asst Form Teacher at 8.00 a.m.

 At no time should pupils have access to the attendance Registers.



Pupils who reach school after 8.00 a.m should

a) Sign in the pupil’s Lateness Book

b) Proceed to the Subject Teacher’s classroom and request the teacher to fill in the Attendance

 Pupils who reach school after the 1st period should see the Rector/Deputy Rector.

 Pupils who are late 3 times in a week will be given an afternoon detention.



a) A pupil who is absent for one to three days must bring a note from her Responsible party on her way to school.

b) A medical certificate will have to be produced for absences exceeding 3 days

c) The Rector will henceforth report to the Ministry cases of pupils who have been absent for more than 30 days without adequate justification. No pupil is authorized to be absent from school because of revision or pending Sc results.



1. No pupil is allowed to leave school premises during school hours unless accompanied by the      responsible party with a written request and after producing the Indentity Card of the responsible party.

2. It would be appreciated if Responsible Party could arrange for appointment with doctors/dentists etc. outside school hours so that they would not have to ask permission to leave school early.

3. Parents, who urgently need to meet their wards during the school hours, must first record their ID numbers and sign in the visitors’ book.

4. However the Rector/Deputy Rector will welcome responsible parties who wish to meet him/her to discuss matters relating to the school or their ward’s performance. It would be appreciated if parents could take an appointment in advance.



1. Pupils should wear the school uniform when they attend school and at all school functions/excursions. The school uniform consists of a navy blue pinafore/gown, a white blouse, black/white/blue shoes and plain white or blue socks.

2. Parents are advised to have a least 2 sets of uniform and see to it that
i) The pinafore is Knee-Length
ii) Their ward/s refrain from wearing jewellery (even fanciful) or mark up.

3. WINTER Uniform: Navy blue trousers are optional but NOT Jeans, white blouse, and navy blue cardigan sweater, or but only as from the second term of the year onward.

Parents should also note that the school disclaims any responsibility for lost property such as money, jewellery, etc. Pupils should bring large sums of money to school and are responsible for all their personal belongings.

P.E classes are compulsory (unless a medical certificate is produced). Pupils must have their P>E outfit which consists of the white T-Shirt and navy blue Bermuda shorts or ‘jogging trousers’.



1. Pupils are expected to behave properly at school. They should show respect to the staff and to other pupils.
2. Pupils are expected to behave well in public. They should abide by the school rules and regulations when they are wearing the school uniform.
3. Students are expected to behave properly when travelling by bus. They should not shout or speak loudly and should address the bus driver and conductor politely. Pupils should not lean out of the window and throw anything from the bus.
4. Library periods
During the library periods, pupils must stay in the library. They must avail themselves of this opportunity to acquire the good habit of reading. They are not authorized to go to the Gymnasium or to any other classroom/laboratory during the library period.



1. A Detention may be given to students for non-compliance with school rules and regulations concerning the school uniform, wearing of jewellery, homework not/or carelessly done, no photo in Report Book, use of abusive language, shirking classes, prolonged unexplained absences, being 3 times late in a week, rowdy behavior or any action found by a member of the teaching or administrative staff of the school as being an offence and against the rules of the school.
2. A Saturday detention may be given to pupils for the following offences: 3 afternoon detentions, tampering with marks/grades in Report Book or with official documents, forging signatures, damaging Government Property(e.g writing on desk etc), leaving school without permission, stealing, cheating during tests and examinations or for any such offence decided upon by the Rector/Deputy Rector and/or Disciplinary committee.
3. Special Report/Rustication
(i) A student whose work and conduct are not satisfactory will be put on a Special report.
(ii) She will be issued a Special Report Book to be signed by the Subject Master at the end of every lesson, by the Usher in the morning and in the afternoon by the Responsible Party when the student is back home.
(iii) The school may have to recommend a student to the Ministry for expulsion if all the disciplinary measures taken have failed to bring any positive change for her behavior and attitude.


1. Every student must have a Student Journal.
2. The Student Journal is a diary that allows a student to record Classwork done, Homework set and marks obtained for Assessments. The journal is a means of communication between the school and responsible parties.


1. Whenever educational activities are organized outside the school, a letter is sent to the responsible party.
2. Letters are also sent to Responsible Parties regarding the time-table of their ward for the Internal Examinations. The letter s also to be acknowledged by the Responsible Party who signs it and returns it to school through the form teacher by the date specified


1. Report Books are issued to pupils at the end of each term.
2. The Report Book should be signed by the Responsible Party and returned to the school by the First week of the next school term.
3. Disciplinary action will be taken against pupils found tampering with marks/grades or with the signature of the Responsible Party.

1. Class captains will be elected by pupils of their class, subject to the approval of the Staff, the Usher and Rector/ Deputy Rector.
2. A class Prefect is elected by each class.
3. The Head Girl and Vice Head Girl will be elected by the Body of Prefects, with the approval of the staff, Rector/ Deputy Rector.
4. A Class Representative is also elected from each class to form part of the Students’ Council, and for each school club (foe extracurricular activities).
5. Class captains, Prefect and Student Representative must have a clean record and they may be replaced in cases of serious misconduct or inability to shoulder responsibility.


1. Identity Card
A student identity card is issued to all pupils during the first term, and is used as a bus pass between home and school.
2. Telephone
(i) When a pupil is sick she must call for the Usher first. The latter will do the necessary follow up.
(ii) Cellular Phones are not allowed at the school. In case of an urgent communication with the responsible party, the student can do the needful through the usher.
(iii) If a pupil is caught using the mobile phone at school, disciplinary measures will be taken against her.
3. Leaving Certificate
(i) Pupils should apply early for their leaving certificate through the appropriate form to allow time for necessary verifications.
(ii) The Leaving Certificate will take into account punctuality and attendance of the pupils, academic performance, participation in extracurricular activities, conduct and behavior throughout her school career.
4. Correspondence
Kindly note that the name, class and address of the pupil should be inserted in any correspondence with the school.
5. Overseas Leave
All requests for leave to be spent abroad should be made at least one month in advance as approval need to be sought from the ministry.
6. P.T.A
Annual Contribution: RS 300. Registration fees for new entrants are at Rs 100.


1. The school holds continuous assessment tests as well as midterm tests over and above end of year examinations.
2. There are at least 3 continuous assessment tests per subject in one term.
3.Final Examination Mark = 30% marks from continuous assessments( 10% per term + 70 % marks  from the end –of –year examinations).
4. Results of end of year examinations are considered for promotion of LVI students to upper six.


As a Responsible Party, I undertake to give full attention to the following:-
i. Abide by the school rules and regulations (support the school in all endeavors).
ii. Peruse this present Student Journal of my ward every day and sing same weekly.
iii. Check and sign the termly report book
iv. Attend P.T.A meetings
v. Liaise with form master/rector about my wards’ academic performance
vi. Produce Identity Card when calling to school.
vii. Settle P.T.A fees on reception of studies
viii. I shall call in person when called by the Rector
ix. I shall see to it that my ward wears the proper uniform when attending school
x. I shall collaborate with the school for the benefit and welfare of my ward.
xi. I shall not allow my ward to absent herself unnecessarily from school for any futile reason.

​ ​