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RSSSS Renganaden Seeneevassen State Secondary School

Some Testimonials

::: Sayings by students :::

Where you have peace, education and respect for others, there you will find Renganaden Seeneevassen SSS (Emamally Huzaila)

East or West, Seeneevassen is the best. (Fedally Sumayyah)

R4S is the way to success. (Silar Suhaylah)

R4S is the best school ever, has the best teachers and organise best events. (Gaelle Police)

R4S is very comfortable and very well disciplined. (Bodhee Aisha)

My school R4S is based on trust, honesty and belief. (Cheddee Taarushi)

R4S is the best school and very strict about manners and dressing code. (Naudeer Rabiiah)

R4S pupils and teachers are in peace, harmony, honesty and in school, we have a long life in it. (Rose Anastasia)

R4S is very strict and have motivated teachers. Long live R4S!!! For me R4S is the best college. (Manikkam Oppilamani)