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Testimonials on Extra-curricular Activities

SEM Youth Investor Award Competition (SEMYIA) 2013 - Team A
Participants: Zareen, Rouksaar, Stacey, Ambreen, Suhaylah
Message from Stacey:
SEMYIA is a national share market game opened to all lower six students which involved real market prices in real share market conditions.
We were extremely delighted to be selected and through this competition we learned to buy and sell shares to increase the value of our portfolio in a set time of 3 months. It was a thrilling, hands-on, interactive and fun experience for us even if we had to collect daily information about share market price of each official company listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and made daily reports.
Even though it was a matter of hard work and time, we managed to go through it and the bonds between us have been strengthened.
A special thank to Jessica who, though not a participant, has proved to be very helpful in exchanging ideas.

SEM Youth Investor Award Competition (SEMYIA) 2013 - Team B
Participants: Shameemah, Nuzha, Cheyenne, Lovisha, Nilvanee
Message from Nuzha:
The Stock Exchange of Mauritius for Young Investors Award has been a great experience. Throughout the competition, I’ve been able to learn many things about the stock market and its share value. This competition made me understand the meaning of team work and I must say that being the leader of SEM has been a great challenge. It helped me to develop my bonds with my team mates and made me understand that a work done with a team is ten times better than doing alone.
On this last note, I want to thank all my friends especially Shameemah, for all the hardwork and dedication and also for supporting me through the hard times. It’s an enriching experience and I encourage all the future students of economics to participate in it.

MUN Competition 2013:
Message from ROUKSAAR, a delegate:
Back some 3 or 4 years ago, I witnessed my elders participating in the MUN Conference and I was much motivated to be part of it.
Being a delegate of MUN has always been my dream which has been materialized in these 3 days representing the Marshall Islands. Nervousness ran through my veins when I learned that I was chosen. But happiness filled my heart at the same time.
At present I dare say that MUN enabled me to enhance open-mindedness and broaden my knowledge for global matters. Working with the MUN family increased my team spirit especially in the science and technology commission where I acted as a diplomatic and daring person with much pride.
“MUN, more than a 3 Day Simulation Conference, it is a true love story.”
Message from participants Rouksaar, Shameemah
What is NYAA for you all?
It is in fact an extol of our own deftness, what we are bound to become or should we say a life-time experience.
How do you feel being part of it?

It is of great honor at such a rose-tinted age and we wish for the best in these 18 months of hard work that we are undergoing. We firmly believe that it will be the unveiling opportunity to develop our citizenship and independency.
What is the best part among all?
NYAA (GOLD) allows us to travel and meet people outside our homeland; actually we are busy looking forward and planning our November expedition abroad. One thing is for sure, our personal and interpersonal skills will be enhanced; we will be brought ages back, living like primitives in the open-air.
Last but not least, amongst friends, we are planning a December camping where service to society will be the prime cause.?​